Part II – 5 Signs for the Sexual Preferences of your Dinner Date – For Men

1- If she insists on googling online reviews before deciding on a restaurant >>> She is a flirtatious indecisive teaser who will never go all the way.

2- If she keeps her mobile on the table and checks messages often during dinner >>> She is a sexually cold non-orgasmic corporate bitch.

3- If she asks to take a look at the restaurant’s kitchen before ordering food >>> She is deep into porn.

4- If she likes sharing with you all the plates >>> She likes threesomes – bingo!

5- If she asks for double straws or if she drinks straight from the bottle >>> She is a swallower.



5 Signs for the Sexual Preferences of your Dinner Date – for Women

1- If he insists on trying a new restaurant every time he takes you to dinner >>> He likes virgins.

2- If he gets lost while driving to the restaurant on your first dinner >>> He IS a virgin.

3- If he asks for detailed description of dessert ingredients >>> He likes to talk dirty in bed.

4- If he dips his fingers occasionally in food sauce >>> He likes prolonged foreplay.

5- If he asks for the check immediately after finishing the main course >>> He suffers from fast ejaculation.