What better way to start 2014?


Angelina & I have renewed our vows recently during Dubai’s 10th film festival.

Thought you may want to see our picture afterwards attached here for everyone’s records.

Copyrights are reserved worldwide.

We had a great time with star colleagues & famous friends from all the world, many of them came especially to attend our renewal ritual and didn’t give a shit really about the film festival.

The weather was pitch-perfect and we were really excited to receive such attention and love and free meals, including dates & local coffee, from everyone here.

The only downside was a minor fleeting constipation pain that Angelina suffered from after eating a shawarma sandwitch in Karama while we were shopping for fake watches & leather bags.

By the way we are heading next week to Saida (surprise!) to see you all & spend some quality time with you – Angelina has been bugging me with her desire to meet my “Lebanese” roots & family over there and I don’t want her to be disappointed.

So please make lodging arrangements for me, Angelina & our dozen kids and their various pets.

Joujou’s, Rima’s & Mijo’s houses should be good enough.

Oh, and by the way, Angelina is dying to have hummus and fava beans from Al Ghorabi in the old town near the old stinky fish market.

No paparazzi please as we just want to enjoy our dishes incognito, tip the guy moderately and buy some cheap underwear from the adjacent impoverished stores.

Angelina is very excited to meet you all & I therefore expect you to behave & cut short all potential stories about our dad’s ready-to-explode-temper & past incidents or career choices.

My own age is also a no-no.

Sorry family, I have to cut this email short as the doorbell is ringing…it could be some high level dignitaries taking us to dinner in top of the world Burj Khalifah or it could be the building foreman coming to fix the burned dusty grayish looking neon in my studio apartment’s single bath.

Love, depending on your upcoming behavior,


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